Saturday, April 26, 2008

Benefits of NOSSA Membership

Benefits of NOSSA Membership

• Promote the acceptance of short stature in society by your membership in NOSSA.

• Join Together to support short statured people and unite to oppose all forms of heightism.

• Support in times of trouble with our legal assistance program.

• Social networking through our social events.

• Attend our life changing seminars.

• Unite to oppose the use of cosmetic human growth hormone for short but otherwise healthy kids.

• Unite to assist children and young adults struggling with heightism.

• Join our media watch-dog group to monitor heightism in the media and address it.

• Support responsible heightism related research.

• Join in on the heightism discussions.

• Attend our annual convention.

• E-mail and telephone support when needed.

• Opportunity to vote on group issues and serve as a leader in the organization.

• Annual College Scholarship award.

• Special discounts on approved products and services from generous friends of the organization.

• Emergency Assistance program for members in need of food, shelter, or crisis intervention.

• Job Referall Assistance.

• Free Copy of the outstanding book, Beyond Measure by Ellen Frankel.

• You will bring more attention to the specific needs of short statured adults with your membership in NOSSA.

We are a group of dedicated people committed to helping each other and to spreading the message that there is absolutely nothing "wrong" with being short.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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